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About Us

Who we are

Milton Wildlife is committed to providing the best wildlife control services in the region. Our professional team guarantees that unwanted intrusions by wild animals on your property are controlled safely and humanely.

Experts from our organization inspect your home to find the source of animal intrusions. Then, we move on to suggest the best possible plan for the removal process.

Some of the best techniques available currently are used by our team. This will help ensure that all of the animals are successfully captured and handled with care.

Once the animals have been trapped, we move on to remove them from your property and begin repairing any of the entry points that are prone to further intrusion from the animals.


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    Skunk control These little stinkers inhabit grasslands, forests, and rural places, but they can invade cities in search of food. Their obnoxious odour is the skunks' biggest hazard. Nobody wants to sprayed by a skunk or have their pet sprayed.

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    Raccoon control Though mostly found in forests, raccoons have become trespassers to urban areas in search of food. They are now a frequent issue, especially around garbage day. They can access your home from any small opening and damage your property.

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    Squirrel control Squirrels are generally harmless. But when they invade your property they can become destructive and dangerous. This animal generally takes shelter on roofs and attics to give birth and can chew on anything like isolated wires, pipes, or anything that is exposed.

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Why choose us?

  • We use the latest equipment and constantly update methods which allow us to serve our clients with the best possible solutions.
  • Our trained professionals oversee the entire wildlife removal process efficiently and until completion.
  • A thorough investigation is undertaken to recognize the areas where the wildlife gains entry to your property.

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