Inhabit grasslands, forests, and rural places, however they occasionally invade cities in search of food.

The obnoxious fragrance is the skunks' most frequent hazard. Nobody wants a skunk on their property spraying its incredibly offensive odour.

Along with the bad smell, skunks will damage your lawn by digging burrows all over the yard. They’re also loaded with dangerous bacteria and are carriers of parasites such as; tapeworms, roundworm, lungworm, flukes, as well as fleas, ticks, and lice. These parasites bring their own set of pathogens that can cause ailments in people and pets.

Our trained executives will successfully deal with these little stinkers very delicately. We first identify the entry points of how the skunks are gaining access to your yard. Then we will locate their hiding places and remove them from your property by using our latest equipment and technology. Our highly trained professionals make sure all the techniques used are the safest way of getting rid of the skunks and relocating them to their natural habitat – far away from you and your yard.